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Book Road travelled Peck

This book produced one of the most interesting, stimulating discussions we have had so far in the meetings I have attended. For some of us, it was a re-visit of a book we had read some years ago and to others it was new, but we all agreed it had a lot to offer.

One of the strongest parts of the book was where the author discussed science and spirituality. In response to this, we came to the conclusion that although science has explained over the years why many things happen, it has not answered the question "what for? " and it is the role of spirituality to fill this gap.
Scott Peck's definition of original sin as laziness and thus the importance of work & effort resonated with most of the group and we also enjoyed considering his understandings of love & grace.

We shared some criticism of his ideas, not agreeing with his seeing the spiritual as coming from the mind alone. This tied in with the perception that he was great at the "thinking stuff" but not so good at the "feeling stuff".

This is a rather lame description of our fascinating responses to the book, but many of us were already reading more of his work, or intended to!

Frankie Fisher — May 2013