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Harry's Story

21st June 2024: Harry Darku
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I was brought up in a God-fearing family with many siblings. My extended family were staunch members of the local Methodist Church at Accra, Ghana. My parents were not rich but very caring. They believed in honesty and hard work, and were content with what God had blessed them with. My father's motto was "Do good."

As a child, Sunday was a special day of the week when myself and other younger siblings attended Sunday school early in the morning. This was where we learnt about Biblical stories and characters including Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles. Also God being the creator of the Heaven and earth, the sea and all things in them.

As I reached my early teens I joined the early Sunday morning Worship and Class Meetings/Bible Studies. This was the beginning of the development of my faith. I gained an extensive insight into the Bible. This enabled me in my later years to pass the GCE Religious Knowledge at both 'O' and 'A' levels.

My dream as a teenager was far from studying abroad until one of my teachers had faith in me and told me that I had the potential to study abroad in the future. I believed what he had confided in me and I continued to work harder and was awarded a scholarship at the end of my first year at secondary school.

When I finished my secondary school education I applied to some nursing training hospitals in the United Kingdom to study for a registered nursing qualification. I experienced a lot of disappointments. Nevertheless, I had faith that God's time was the best so I continued to pray regularly with occasional fasting. Eventually my prayers were heard and I was offered a place to study for my nursing qualification in the UK. Upon completion of my nursing training, I proceeded to further my education at higher education institutions to a post-graduate level.

My faith has always been the cornerstone of my life. Throughout my working life I had always sincerely relied on God for wisdom, understanding and strength in the execution of my duties.

Unused talent is talent wasted, hence my involvement in painting and decorating and other voluntary activities at Aylesbury Methodist Church. My faith has also increased due to being a member of the Book Club, and various courses organised by the AMC.

It was through faith that I met my wife Ruby, while we were studying for our nursing qualification. We share the same faith and have been together for over 50 years. We are blessed with two children who were baptised into the Methodist faith.

Finally, my faith and prayers have been significant in my life journey. I rely on God to guide me and give me wisdom, understanding and strength to cope with life stresses. I always remember my late father's motto, "Do good."

Harry Darku

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