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Carry On Streaming!

1st September 2023: Peter Green
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The streaming of this Sunday's 10.30am service will be the same as usual, only different! It will be the same in being simply accessed via the Streaming button on our website. What will be different are the people making it happen.

Rewind to 2018. We were then invited by The Sunday Service, part of the multi-BAFTA award-winning CTVC, to be one of eight churches nationally to be in a pilot scheme to stream services. It was funded by Joseph Rank Trust who saw an ageing population with decreased mobility and increased difficulty in getting to services in person. They believed that reliable internet and streaming platforms could provide a solution. So, the equipment was installed in our church and after some teething problems, we have been able to share our worship on various devices such as tablets, laptops, phones, and smart televisions.

During COVID, The Sunday Service people enabled us to stream our services from the manse during lockdown. However, COVID alerted other churches of the need to stream their services. So many are now doing this that Rank feel the need has been proved and are no longer funding the The Sunday Service.. Our website providers, Then Media, are now hosting us from this Sunday, 3rd September. It is already an improvement in that we will now be able to stream any additional service at anytime. It also opens the potential to upgrade our equipment and improve the viewing experience in the future.

We have expressed our thanks to The Sunday Service and Joseph Rank Trust. Our thanks also go to Then Media for helping us through this transition and to Steve Kemp for reconfiguring our equipment so that the streaming can happen. Steve will also be giving any additional training needed by our much appreciated Stream Team.

Whilst we plan for everything to run smoothly, teething troubles can happen and so we ask for your patience if all does not go exactly to plan this Sunday. We will also greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas you might care to share. Please speak to our minister Richard, on 01296 339899 or revrja@outlook.com.

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