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1st April 2021: Frankie Fisher
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How to be a Bad Christian by Dave Tomlinson was a book that everyone in the Good Faith Book Club enjoyed! We found it easy-to read, well-organized and, in parts, inspirational.

The author is a well-respected Anglican minister with a great community base to his work. He finds it easier sometimes to get on with non-church-goers and we all recognized this in ourselves. A man who enjoys life and is very empathetic, he was obviously an attractive personality to the people he met. His main calling was to tell everyone that they mattered to God and he did this by showing that they mattered to him. He consoled a bereaved mother by telling her God was not interested in what her son had done, but in what he desired to be.

In this book he asks us to question a lot that we take for granted about church, stressing that Church is about faith not belief and that Christianity is a thing you do, not a thing you are. He upholds good faith, rather than blind faith. At one point, he reminds us that "God is not a Christian" with an amazing tale of an Interfaith wedding, where two different traditions joined and, in two religious ceremonies, celebrated the relationship between two people of differing faiths, but belief in the one God.
He is a great example of the non-judgemental attitude to others and warned that the Church must be very careful what it projects to the rest of the world

Every chapter, and there are 17 in all, is full of humour, anecdote and is supported by quotations from other people, including Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, all telling us how to live together in love. In conclusion, I would say that we recommend this book as setting out questions we should all be asking ourselves and inspiring us to follow the Way of Christ.

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