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AMC webinar

Join JPIT (Joint Public Issues Team) for a panel discussion, reflection and Q&A to ask:

  • How do we live in a crisis and work for God's kingdom?
  • How has COVID-19 changed the environment in which Christians are seeking peace and pursuing justice?
  • What priorities should we have in our response to urgent need?
  • How we can act today to help build justice, in the present and the future?
    Rev Diane Watts, Head of Faith and Society — The Baptist Union
    Paul Morrison, Policy Advisor on Poverty and Inequality — The Methodist Church
    Simeon Mitchell, Secretary for Church and Society — The United Reformed Church
    Very Rev Dr Susan Brown, Convener of the Faith Impact Forum — The Church of Scotland
    When: Thursday 21st May, 3 — 3:45pm

    To register, click here.

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