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As the star rested over Bethlehem
The earth stirred.
When the child was born
A seed started life.
Thus began a tandem walk
Through humanity, until the end.

Jesus, the boy child, grew quickly,
As did the sapling.
When he laughed and played
The leaves rustled in the breeze.
As Jesus grew strong and upright
So did the tree.

While Jesus healed the sick
Medicines were made from the bark.
As Jesus comforted infants,
Children played around the tree.
When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead
New life began in birds that had nested.

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem,
On a donkey, with palms strewn
And hosanna's ringing all around,
The tree, bedecked with blossom,
Bowed its head low
And perfumed the air around.

When Jesus was charged as a rebel
And awaited crucifixion,
A crown of thorns
Was put roughly onto his head.
The tree felt deep pain
As the axe tore into it, time and time again.

As Jesus carried his cross of wood
Through the streets and
Up to the hill to be crucified,
The tree shed tears,
As it was closer to Him now
than it had ever been.

One nail in each hand,
And one nail in each foot —
Jesus felt pain and anguish.
As did the tree,
And still shed tears.
But now these were tears of sorrow.

As Jesus hung on the cross
Preparing to die,
The tree knew its purpose
Clearly now, more than ever.
It had been given life
So that the ultimate sacrifice could be made.

Just as God's precious son
Uttered his last breath,
So too, the tree ceased to live.
God's miracle of creation,
Together with the Son of Man,
For all to see and remember.

©2014 Babs Trend

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