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Ken Harris and Angela Smith caught the mood of our Good Faith Book Club's discussion of Rupert Shortt's book.

Ken writes, "The title of the book 'Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good' is an important one for our age when religion seems to be under attack, so I had looked forward to reading it. But I was extremely disappointed and even angry with what felt to me to be a failure to really explore the ways in which religion can and does cause both harm and good. While I was not expecting a mathematical answer, I was looking for an informed discussion of what was good about religion and what was not good. Instead I got lost in a philosophic presentation that I did not really understand even after reading the book twice. This is not a book I could recommend to anyone."

Angela writes: "While reading, "Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good" by Rupert Shortt, I filled two sides of A4 paper, with the words I could not understand and the names of people I had never heard of, who were mentioned in the book. I then referred to my dictionary and the internet, but in spite of my studies, I'm afraid, I could still not explain to anyone, how the existence of God could be supported by the " modal ontological argument, the kalam cosmological argument or the arguments from moral truths, mathematical truths or from consciousness". I would not recommend this book to a non-academic reader."

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