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As you will be aware the Government has suggested that we might be able to return to public worship in July. To this end the Stewards and the Church Leadership Team have begun to look at how, in light of the restrictions with which we will have to live, we might re-open our premises. The difficulty is that until the Government makes a definite decision and publishes advice we are having to speculate as to what restrictions might apply. It is likely that the advice will arrive at the last moment which will further complicate matters. Please be aware that we may have to react quickly to the unexpected.

There are though some things which we know will affect how we can operate. Church will have to be different. To this end we are making contact via email, Zoom and letters with all the regular congregation to share some thoughts and seek some guidance about what re-opening might look like.
The biggest challenges will be the need to maintain social distancing and other considerations related to preventing the spread of the virus. These may include:

  • Some form of sanitising routine on entry
  • Chairs being set out to allow social distancing so even those living in the same house will have to sit apart. This is the pattern adopted in Germany
  • People being asked to sit where they are told
  • People having to wait to be asked to leave
  • Coming in by one door and leaving by another and following set routes
  • A booking system to indicate your intention to attend especially if we are not allowed to use the balcony
  • A number of services in the day to accommodate those who wish to come
  • Entering the building may take longer
  • We will probably need to keep a record of all present

  • It is a real challenge, church will not feel the same but we are working to enable as many as possible to attend. There are some specific areas that need more thought such the Junior Church and the Crèche and others we will need to manage such as unexpected visitors arriving. We also appreciate that people may choose to take time to emerge from lockdown and our systems will need to be flexible.

    To help us plan, a questionnaire is being circulated to all the congregation. It will also be used as the basis for the Zoom consultation meetings. For details, please contact me:
    By post: 6 Herston Close, Aylesbury HP21 9UR
    By phone: 01296 339899 or
    By email:


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