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In the creche, off our new Welcome Space, there hangs two new tapestries. Each has a small plaque which says, "In loving memory of Carol Rogers, a pioneer in establishing Community Groups. In an article in LINK magazine, husband Dave Rogers describes how that pioneering work came about.

Carol worked in both Luton and Aylesbury and moved into Community Social Care — first at the Monday Club in 1989 and then the Wednesday Club, when it was founded in 1994 for clients in the Early Stages of Senile Dementia. Both clubs were at Aylesbury Methodists.

Dave writes, "Whilst her family are proud of Carol's achievement in receiving a Queen's Golden Jubilee Award for the Wednesday Club in 2002, we thought a memorial to reflect recognition of her previous playgroup work was more appropriate. Carol was definitely a family orientated person who loved children. We would like to thank the Banner Group for the two magnificent Tapestries ('Road to Noah's Ark' & 'Down on the Farm') hanging in the Welcome Space crèche."

To read the full story, click here.

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