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Remembering Betty Blake

17th February 2021: Posted
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Betty was one of our senior Local Preachers who sadly died recently. She was a member at Cuddington and three people who knew her well have written about their memories of her'

From Colin and Margaret Watts

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" Proverbs 31: 30.

To those of us who knew Betty saw this demonstrated in her life. both in her home and in the church family
She was caring and thoughtful for the needs of others and when refreshments were needed, she was there, with her well risen Victoria sponge and seed cake, both being her specialities.
She passed her Local preachers' exams in 1989 and her husband Bryan would be her taxi driver to the various services and women's meetings.
She was able to present her knowledge of the Bible and to share the Gospel in a way that was easily understood. Her own testimony shone through as she led services. Many can bear witness to this and have missed her visits over the last couple of years when she was unable to continue preaching. She was still able to share whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself.
As yet Bryan had not become a Christian but this all changed 7 years before he died in 2004. She saw her prayers over many years answered.
This was special and some years later in 2003 they were able to join a prayer tour to Israel. To be able to walk together where Jesus walked and to meet the people of the Land was very special.
Several of us from Cuddington were on the trip and Betty and Brian, Colin and Margaret and the tour leader almost missed the flight home.!!
Betty's love and concern for Israel continued up until she died and she was part of the Ebenezer prayer group praying for Jews to return home to Israel.
Much more could and will be written about her. A lovely lady who loved amateur dramatics and to sing and to wave a banner to worship songs! Who wore a Christmas sweater at the Carol service instead of her usual Sunday best and would read any part of the Christmas service that was required?
She loved to travel particularly to Holland and collected mementoes of the country and photographs of the Dutch people. Bryan liked to cook speciality dishes from Holland.
She was fun and witty but who served her Master Jesus first and foremost, so faithfully.
She taught our son Andrew in Primary school and he said ' she was a nice lady'
And so, she was and very special. We will miss her.

From Pete Honeyball

Many years ago, I was a pupil at Queens Park Junior School in Aylesbury, and my favourite teacher was Betty. I say favourite because I don't think she told me off quite as much as the other teachers did! Apart that is, from one occasion that stands out in my mind. It was sports day and having finished running my races, I took to falling down dead every time the starter's pistol went off. Eventually Mrs Blake had had enough and dispatched me back to school to await her pleasure. Unfortunately, Mrs Blake forgot that she had sent me back to school and I was still there at 5.30 waiting for her, until my mother rescued me and took me home.
Mrs Blake's husband, Bryan used to help run Aylesbury Methodist Youth Club in the early 60's and I saw her a few times then, but we were reunited properly when Betty was placed 'On Trial' as a Local Preacher. I was the Circuit Local Preachers' Secretary at the time and Betty was placed into my tender care as her Tutor! I took Betty around with me on preaching appointments, and took great pleasure in introducing her as my 'old' teacher. I told everyone that Betty had been put with me so that I could show her how it was done properly! To her credit, Betty took it all in good humour. She also succeeded in becoming a Local Preacher in spite of my help!
Betty has been a staunch Christian, a devoted servant of Jesus, and a lovely lady for as long as I can remember. Betty consistently made you think, both in her sermons when she was delivering them from the front, and also in the sharp intake of breath from the pew when she was obviously not in total agreement with what I had just said!
A great lady, she will leave a gap, and be sorely missed

From Jane Knight

The impression given by the serious elderly lady sitting on the front row of chairs at Cuddington Methodist Church was very far from the whole picture. Yes, she was very serious about God and her love for Him, serious about her role as a Local Preacher and serious about her commitment to her home church and Aylesbury Vale Methodist Circuit-but that was only a small part of the Betty Blake who was so well loved and respected by all.
One of the first 'clues' was when she danced around the church, during worship, with the aid of her walker, whilst still recovering from a fall which, initially, left her with mobility problems. The wheels of the walker did NOT spend their entire time on the floor!
Journeys with Betty were an experience-one to be repeated! It was amazing how much laughter could be contained within a twenty-five-minute journey, and we giggled like two schoolgirls. We would swap teaching stories-Betty's ranged from the serious to the hilarious...her eyes shining with mischief, Betty was a born raconteur.
She was endlessly supportive and helpful re church services and had the gift of giving advice whilst leaving you feeling that you had ownership of any decisions taken-Betty was a true and instinctive teacher. She was a 'safe pair of hands' in many ways...within the church, within her friendships-and loyal to a fault.
Betty radiated positivity and any difficulty was a challenge to be overcome with patience, love, reasoning and understanding of others' sensibilities.
She was a great lady who enhanced the life of each one of us.
Praise the Lord that she now has her voice restored to her and can sing and praise to her heart's content and can move freely-WITHOUT without the aid of her walker!

A message from Betty's family:

Dear Friends
Here are the details of the live stream for Betty Blake's service on Monday 22nd February at 2:30pm.
The live stream will also be recorded for those who wish to watch it later.
There will be a virtual "Thanksgiving" service at a later date, using Zoom or similar technology. This way we will be able to connect with and include more family and friends, who would otherwise not be able to attend and pay tribute.
We think it best and safest to limit physical attendance to immediate family. Mum would not want anyone to be put at risk. I think you will agree.
Thank you so much for your love and support.
God Bless
Jamie, Jo and family


Location: Chilterns Crematorium, Amersham -- Milton Chapel
Date & Time Monday 22/02/2021 14:30
Live streaming Details:
Provider: Click here for attached .pdf.
For a copy of the Order of Service please...Click Here

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