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Dear Friends

You will have heard that the Government is allowing public worship in churches from July 5th. At the time of writing no advice has been received as to what this will entail, therefore we have decided that the earliest possibility to resume public worship will be on 12th July but this is very much a provisional date. I understand that the faith communities have been asking the department for Housing , Communities and Local Government for clarification and I assume this has not yet been forthcoming. We can not act until the Connexion gives us permission to re-open our doors and thus we still await.

There will be regulations that we will have to follow including no singing and a much reduced capacity to allow social distancing .

So , our initial thought is that we will continue to stream the 10.30am service from the Manse for the time being and provide a service in church later in the day. This will have the same sermon content and priority will be given to those who can not access the streamed service. We believe that we will have to deploy a booking system and keep records of who attends.

We will have matters under constant review as we begin, cautiously, to approach reopening with the determination to offer as safe an environment as possible. In time we will decide whether we should revert to the 10.30am being streamed. Throughout this journey we would appreciate any feedback as we try to respond to emerging circumstances bearing in mind our congregation is divided between those who have internet access and those who do not.

We will endeavour to keep all of our folk up to date as the situation progresses

For details of this Sunday's order of service and hymns, click here.



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