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President's Address

29th June 2021: Revd Sonia Hicks
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Below is an extract from the President's address to the 2021 Methodist Conference and links to the full text and video.

"I was very impressed by this definition of 'white privilege' given by Arlan Hamilton, who describes herself as a 'gay black woman'. Arlan founded Backstage Capital, a firm that provides start-up funds exclusively to people of colour and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. She said on her Twitter account:

If trying to understand sharing your inherent privilege, think: when someone shorter than you needs to see the stage better at a show, you usually let them stand in front of you, right? You both get to enjoy the show, it's only a slight inconvenience, and you don't shrink.

How do we acknowledge the place that others are entitled to at God's table? What are we willing to give up in order to give them space? What does this look like in terms of Black people, young people, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community? If we think that their rights have nothing to do with us, then we do not yet understand this Gospel reading. As Christians we are to mirror the grace and the mercy of God. We are to find ways of issuing God's invitation of acceptance to those we meet on a daily basis. No ifs, no buts. And, as Arlan stated, we won't shrink: the slight inconveniences to us will make a big difference to those who are always at the back of the queue."

To read the full address, click here.

To watch the video,click here.

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