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The Peace Giver

28th January 2021: Barbara Trend
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The Peace Giver

You say that you don't have time
To talk with Him today.
Mornings are filled with rushing,
Daytimes crammed with haste.
Evenings full of nothingness.
You are unhappy, joyless and soulless.

God is speaking to you, all the time.
You just do not hear Him.
He whispers, and waits patiently
for you to listen.
He tenderly holds your soul,
Waiting for you to know His touch.

God so wants you to hear His voice,
And feel His featherlight touch.
But still, you fail to acknowledge Him.
Each day you sink lower
And every day His whisper gets louder.
His touch ever more persistent.

You have reached your lowest point.
The pain is over whelming
And you have had enough of this life.
You ask for help, and only then,
In abject pain and sorrow
Something awesome happens.

In the quiet stillness, you hear the whisper.
And you feel His gentle touch.
You had heard something before but ignored it.
You had felt Gods tender touch,
But you brushed it away.
Because, you had no time for Him.

But now you feel utter Joy.
You know absolute pure Love.
There is a purpose to your life,
Because you are in constant
Communication with God the Father.
The Bringer of Peace.

© 2021 Babs

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