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For the hymns and other details of tomorrow's 10.30am streamed service from the manse, click here.

Dear Friends,

In the midst of the constantly changing situation I write to update you about the journey which life at church is on. This is all necessarily provisional as you will understand

We have recommenced public worship at 3pm and this will continue each Sunday until the end of August. It is line with the regulations and we will of course adapt to further announcements. This is open to all and there are seat available. If you would like to come please, let me know by the Wednesday of the preceding week so we can arrange chairs and ensure we are compliant with social distancing requirements.

Hopefully from September 6th the 10.30am service will resume. This will then still be a streamed act of worship. We hope that J team will also resume at this time. Towards the end of August we will publish information about how we will manage this in line with Government and Methodist Church regulations. We will, depending on numbers wishing to attend, consider other service times as well.

If you would be willing to sing at one of our service on behalf of the whole please could you let me know.

The lockdown prevented us having our AGM. We are being encouraged to hold meetings virtually so I write to invite you to attend the church AGM on Wednesday August 26th at 7.30pm. We will meet by zoom. This has a facility for people who do not have internet to join be telephone. More details will come nearer the time

The agenda will be:

1 Necessary AGM business such as receiving the annual report, appointing church stewards and congregational representatives to the Church Council

2 A chance for people to ask questions about re-opening

3 A conversation about when we might start celebrating Holy Communion again

Trevor Nord, to whom we are very grateful, has served his term as a church steward. The duties are twofold. To prepare the church for worship and to be part of an ongoing conversation with the Minister about church life. Babs Trend and Pat Starr have served a term as congregational representatives on Church Council and again we are grateful to them. The hope is both church stewards and the congregational representatives reflect the makeup of the church. Elections here are not a popularity contest but an attempt to ensure that the stewards and the church council members reflect the church family.

Bearing all this in mind I would welcome nominations to serve in either of these capacities. Please gain the person's consent beforehand. Normally each nomination would need a proposer and a seconder in writing. In the circumstances this is not reasonable so I will second all nominations and these can be done by email. In both cases, under normal circumstances, the maximum term is six years.

There is no limit on the number of stewards we can appoint. However, in the case of congregational representatives to church council there are just two places and if there are more than two nominations there will need to be an election. Please consider who might be the right people to serve in these important roles

If you have any queries please do ask. (Telephone 01296 339899 or email



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