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He was coming.
It was hot and dusty.
The sun seemed to follow Him,
And shone relentlessly.
As if it could infuse Him with energy.
He rode the crowded street.

As the donkey carried Him along
Fresh, sweet smelling palms
Were strewn before Him.
The cloying smell hung in the air,
As the fronds were crushed underfoot
Releasing their pungency.

Still, He came.
The people pushed and jostled,
Just to see Him.
Touch Him.
Remember Him.
Too soon some would forget.

Later He would be tried
And sentenced to death
By cruel Crucifixion.
But joy, one of the thieves
Crucified with Him
Would ask Him for forgiveness.

He had touched one.
Many would follow.
It would take time
For them to believe
That Mary's son
was our True Redeemer.

He would be mocked by soldiers.
Above His head — the words INRI.
'King of the Jews'.
It should have said
'Son of God — Beloved One'.
But it did not.
Before He died, He would say
These words to His Father.
"It is Finished "
The sky would turn black
And everyone would know,
That Jesus was truly, Gods Son.

But that would be later — Now...

He was coming.
It was hot and dusty
As Jesus rode upon a donkey.
And the people greeted Him
With Hosannas and waved
Luscious, piquant palms.

Only He knew
What the future held for Him.
The Son of God.

© 2021 Babs

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