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From the Methodist Church website:

Before we consider the practical aspects of reopening our church buildings, it is very important that
we take time to reflect:
"Church" can be wherever we gather or scatter, conscious of our calling as disciples of Jesus. We
already knew this, but the lockdown has brought it into sharp focus. We are now permitted to open
our buildings once more. A desire to "return to normal" is natural, but may not be practically possible
or missionally necessary at this time. Our task in this moment is to consider what use of our buildings
and what pattern of worship will best serve the discipleship of our people and the needs of our local

The following review questions are suggested:
i. What changes in your community have you noticed during lockdown? What new strengths have
you observed? What new needs have arisen?
ii. What has been the impact of lockdown on your church? What strengths have emerged? In what
ways have you been weakened — e.g. members who have died, members shielding at home,
furloughed staff, lost income?
iii. Have any new dreams or visions come to light?
iv. What priorities did you discern when writing your mission plan? Are these still the things on which
you believe God would have you focus?
v. What actions had you planned? Can they still take place — perhaps in a different way — or must they
be set aside for now? What new actions might be possible?
vi. What fruit do you long to see in your community as a result of your actions?

For the latest Methodist Church guidance on reopening, click here.

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