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Next week, there are two local meetings to discuss the Methodist Church's report on marriage and relationships. The purpose is to give feedback so that all districts can give local responses to the 2020 Methodist Conference, where votes will be taken. The District meeting will be at The Avenue Methodist Church in High Wycombe on Wednesday 8th January and the Circuit meeting will be at Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church on Saturday, 11th January. Both meetings start with coffee at 10am for a 10.30am prompt start and 3pm finish. Both suggest you bring a packed lunch.

The report begins, "How can we best live in relationships today? We all live with a huge variety of relationships in our world; some closer and some more distant. Within our circles of friends, family and acquaintances, most of us will have at least some experience of conventional two-parent families, single parent families, cohabiting couples, single people, people who have divorced and re-married, same-sex partnerships, and many others.

How can we best live faithfully as Christians in these relationships today? As Methodist people, we differ in how we answer this question. Yet we are called to be in loving communion with one another. What we share, in loving God and in knowing we are loved by God, is much greater than anything that divides us."

More venue details will be given next week, but for a copy of the report, click here.
For the study guide, click here.
To see an eight-minute video of the work of the Task Force, click here.

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