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Lord Of The Harvest

3rd October 2020: Babs Trend
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To complete this week's Thought For The Day's harvest theme, we have a harvest poem by our own Babs Trend.

Lord of the Harvest

Once again it is Harvesttime
Time to reap what has been sown.
The fields are golden yellow,
With the heavy heads of corn.
Just waiting to be cut down
And stored in barns for later

Vegetables are still in the ground
Their time will soon come to be picked.
The hedgerows are full of juicy
fat, ripe Blackberries,
Many dropping onto the ground,
To feed Gods smallest creatures.

Trees are now heavy with fruit
Apples, pears, hops and elderberries.
Everywhere you go, the scent
Of harvest, is on the wind.
Birds and insects are flying above
Ready to glean the fields.

You can hear the great machines
Working in the fields.
Trying to gather everything in,
Before the weather changes.
And all the crops are spoilt.
Harvest time is truly short.

We too, in our own small way
Harvest our potatoes and beans.
Patiently awaiting tomatoes to ripen,
So that we can taste them.
Taste the earth in the potatoes.
Taste Gods Hand in all of this.

Jesus refers to God as
" The Lord of the Harvest"
God fills us with the Spirit
And anytime we are filled,
It is our Harvest from the Father.
Not just once a year
But every minute of every day

© 2020 Babs

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