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Identity Politics

27th February 2020: JPIT
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Woke-ness, white privilege, cultural appropriation, intersectionality, mansplaining, 'cancel culture', #MeToo, micro-aggressions, tokenism.

These terms, and the arguments which go along with them, have often come to be grouped together under the term "identity politics". On a basic level, this can simply mean advocacy on behalf of an identity group, but it is usually associated with the arguments of modern feminist, anti-racist, and pro-LGBTQ movements. Referring to someone being 'woke' is a slightly tongue-in-cheek way of saying they are alert to identity-based injustices.

Despite the equality and dignity of all people being a key tenet of Christian belief, the Church as a whole is yet to substantially engage, either in support or opposition, with the language and arguments of these modern movements..

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