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Some may be wondering what is happening to support our most needy, such as homeless people and rough sleepers in these challenging times. Well, the simple answer is quite a lot. An initiative was started by the Quakers and Methodists to ensure they were not forgotten or left out. Karen and Pat got volunteers from these congregations to provide food and drivers to deliver it to Best Western Hotel on Watermead which has provided sheltered accommodation during the crisis, arranged by the local council. Everyone is staying safe distances from each other.

Other groups, such as St Joseph's Catholic Church, AHAG (Aylesbury Homeless Action Group), Oasis (Drugs and Alcohol outreach), and Labour Action Against Poverty are all working together to make regular meal and food provision available to these most vulnerable people at this time. Tesco (Tring Road) are also involved and are a major provider of fresh food and meat to the volunteers who cook a hot meal and pudding now on a daily basis and deliver it to the clients.

This is a great example of local people in local communities working together to help each other and particularly those in most need, all of course within the guidelines of everyone staying safe.

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