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30th July 2020: JPIT
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"The UK government has committed to supporting a global ceasefire, and has also committed £764 million to humanitarian and public health needs.6 However, it was also announced this month that the UK will resume exporting arms to Saudi Arabia despite this being ruled unlawful and suspended for the past year.7The Security Council's Global Ceasefire does not cover military action against Islamic State in Iraq, the Levant, Al-Qaida and Al-Nusra Front meaning some UK military action is expected to continue.8

The UK has a role in both observing a ceasefire in the conflicts in which it plays a part, and using its diplomatic powers to help negotiate and support ceasefires worldwide. Whilst attention is focussed on supporting a UK recovery from the pandemic, we can and must support these vital steps for peace elsewhere.

One strand of the work of JPIT is around "A world which actively works for peace". Over the last few months, thousands on individuals and groups have been doing just that, opening spaces for humanitarian aid and constructive dialogue to bring about ceasefires. Despite setbacks and challenges that cannot be ignored, these areas of progress must be welcomed. The voices insisting on peace, negotiation and reconciliation must ring out clear to provide protection in the midst of this pandemic and beyond."

To read the full article on this topic, click here.

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