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Trey Hall the Connexional Evangelism man offers an invitation to a webinar on June 29th. It is designed for folk from all theological persuasions to help us engage with the world. The text and details of how to sign are below. I think it could be really useful. I have already signed up Trey writes:

I'm thrilled to announce the speakers for the "Everyone An Evangelist — Even You" webinar, free and open to anyone and everyone as a fringe event of the 2020 Conference of the Methodist Church in Britain.
Thelma Commey, Methodist Youth President 2019/2020
Elaine Heath, Professor + Author, The Mystic Way of Evangelism
Krish Kandiah, Founding Director of Home For Good
Monday 29 June
14:00-15:30 BST
Find out more and register, click here:
All disciples of Jesus are called to listen for, speak of, and live out the good news from their own lived experience, theology, and perspective. While some have been given particular spiritual gifts for communicating the gospel, we are all called to witness to God's goodness in word and action. Responding to this calling does not require a personality transplant or the adoption of a theological stance with which we do not resonate. Being an evangelist means starting authentically from where we actually are.

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