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Our Church Treasurer, Roger Kirk, writes:

During the coronavirus lockdown, with your help, our regular giving is being maintained by members. This has been through a mixture of sending me cheques, making a direct bank transfer, orsetting up a regular standing order. Despite that, the Church is suffering from a loss of lettings income which means our cash balances are steadily diminishing to a dangerously low level.

I have sensed a willingness, from several people, to help rebuild our resources to a more healthy level and so I am making this appeal. Some of you will have saved money during the lock down on such things as petrol, holidays and treats and I wonder if you would be prepared to share some of these savings by making a one-off donation to the Church. I have already received two unsolicited donations and a promise of a third should such an appeal be made.

If you wish to help please make cheques payable to Aylesbury Methodist Church and send them to my address, or you can make a direct bank transfer to the Church's account. For details please contact me:
By post — 77 Aylesbury Road Bierton, Aylesbury HP22 5BT
By telephone: 01296 415312 or
By email: kirk_roger

So if you are able to SAVE money, SHARE it and SUPPORT AMC we will be very grateful.
If you are not in that fortunate position, your prayerful support will be equally welcome.

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