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As we approach Christmas, the various expectations for the festive period become increasingly evident in our streets, homes and shops. Might those expectations narrow our thoughts about what might be good news for the wider world? Was it not the case that the Birth of Christ was announced with a claim of 'Good News' and took place to create long-term changes for all? Similarly, the expectation from the birth of Fairtrade was that it could bring Good News to many producers and others exploited or neglected in the supply line of goods used every day.

Let us give thanks for:

  • the endeavours of those who work to highlight Fairtrade issues.
  • the long-term assurances which offer producers and workers hope.
  • the work done to achieve and improve environmental standards in Fairtrade.
  • the long-term achievements resulting from applying Fairtrade Principles.

    Please pray for:

  • those whose lives are affected by exploitation and hardship.
  • a growing appreciation of meanings in the term 'What does it cost?' and being 'a good steward'.
  • an increase in those who recognise, and benefit from, the hope offered through Fairtrade.

    Thank you to all who support Fairtrade through your purchases and prayers.

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