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Covid Leaves

17th November 2021: Babs Trend
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I love the Autumn time,
when trees are bedecked with
So much vibrant colour.
Beautiful reds in every shade,
Yellow in so many different hues.
Brown, orange and of course green.
Children love to play amongst
The fallen leaves on the ground.

It is a joy to see children running,
And kicking up the leaves.
And for us, hearing the loud rustling
As we walk along the paths.
It is like listening to a bowl of cereal
going " snap, crackle" and "pop".
And when you can see your breath
It is truly exhilarating.

But this year there is a new addition
to Gods glorious palette.
And although a bright colour
It does not belong with His
Awesome creative collection.
This colour is blue and white
readily seen nestled together
with many other colours.

This is not a fallen leaf from a tree.
But a by-product of Covid-19.
Carelessly and thoughtlessly dropped.
To be blown about by the wind.
This is the new colour of nature
being seen all the year round.
I call them Covid Leaves -
But they are disposable face masks.

Please help Nature stay red,
 green, yellow, brown and orange.
All wonderful earth colours.
But not Blue and White.
Please put the masks in a bin.
And give thanks to God the Father
For His Amazing creation.


© Babs Trend 2021

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