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Covid And Cash

8th March 2021: Roger Kirk
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Last May, during the first lock down, I made an appeal for extra funds to counter the Church's loss of lettings income and I was very pleased with the resulting total of £8000 from 17 people.
In my appeal I pointed out that some people would have been saving money on, for example, petrol and entertainment due to the restrictions and would be able to afford a contribution to Church funds.

Almost a year later we are in the same position and I wondered if those people who didn't contribute last year may wish to help out in a similar way this year.

Hopefully we are coming to the end of the pandemic and our finances will start to get back to something like normality.

If you can help please either send a cheque to my address(below) made payable to 'Aylesbury Methodist Church' or make a direct transfer to the Church's bank account.
For details contact me on Tel 01296 415312 or email 'kirk_roger@yahoo.co.uk'

Roger Kirk
77 Aylesbury Road,
HP22 5BT

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