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This autumn, Christian Aid are reaching out to our neighbours still facing crisis around the world. Your church can join us with our simple, virtual e-offering . When crisis arrived on our doorsteps this year, neighbourly love helped us through. Could you and your neighbours share our e-offering to help more communities still facing crisis around the world?

You can help our neighbours like Angela and her daughters in Nicaragua. For Angela's farming community the climate crisis is destroying their crops and threatening their livelihoods, but with the support of your church they are coming together to share tools and knowledge to urgently protect community.

Your church can support more communities still facing crisis with our e-offering. Our new e-offering is an exciting and personalised way to virtually fundraise with your church. Follow a few simple steps to set up a page, and share the link in your church service or newsletter, or via email or social media. You can also set one up to share with your friends and family.

Communities living in poverty face crisis every day, but neighbourly love is powerful. With your e-offering, vulnerable communities will be able to join forces with their neighbours to overcome crisis together. Find out more about how you can help more communities overcome crisis this autumn by clicking here.

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