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Mark Knight, the Lead Chaplain and Street Angels Co-ordinator for the Aylesbury Town Centre Chaplaincy gives his latest update:

"Since I last wrote our Chaplains have been able to be out in the town centre on different days; we have Chaplains out usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Mark has been invited to the Police Station as Chaplain, and Melissa has been in Morrisons.
Street Angels have been out on a few Saturdays, and following the changes to opening times are now having a much shorter and much earlier shift (8pm to around 10.30pm).
In both cases social distancing and spending time mostly out of doors is the order of the day. Particularly for Street Angels (who are not able to give out items and be close to people) this is very different, but we see that our Presence, Prayer, Listening & Encouragement are vital and valued by those in the town centre."

To read the rest of Mark's newsletter, click here.

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