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Copies of our 2018-19 Annual Report for our church and community centre are now available in the Welcome Space. It may also be seen from the Publications section of our website.

In the introduction, our minister, Rev. Richard Atkinson writes, " The report speaks much of activity across a variety of areas for all of which we, as a church, need to be thankful. The pages speak of folk giving time and energy to support the breadth of endeavour in which we are engaged. It is indicative of an active church intent on responding to the Gospel call.

All we are about from maintaining the building through Sunbeams to our Sunday Worship is about presence, giving example of the kingdom and offering God's love to the world. Alongside lies the often "hidden" side of church life, of folk praying, reading the Scriptures, of care being displayed, of people seeking to allow the light of Christ to shine, of attempts to evangelise, all of which contribute to building the church. This all reminds us, that as a community, we are called to live out faith, and our hope and prayer should be that this report inspires us all to consider our response to the call of Christ to help grow our mission. "

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