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District Mission Enabler Rev. Jill Marsh invites you to a free webinar on anti-racism tonight, Monday 6th July, at 7pm. She writes:

I'm part of the panel for this webinar (link below) and I'd be delighted if you would join us, if you're able to. Some of you have been involved in conversations about whether and why, or why not, we should support the Black Lives Matter campaigns, and whether or not we, in the Methodist Church, are still racist in our approach. I believe these are really important questions to talk about openly and to listen to each other about.
Our 'inclusive church' approach is one I'm personally proud of and yet BAME Methodists still have bad experiences within the Methodist Church in Britain. Many Black British members of the public would also say that they do not hear the church saying anything about the sin of racism. Many white Methodists are not sure how to talk about these issues and there is a strong fear of being accused of not being politically correct enough, which perhaps makes it hard to have conversations. Lots to talk about (!) and I really hope you might be free to join in! However, no worries if not!
Later in the week, after 6th, I'll be in touch about our next district gathering. Meanwhile I'd be grateful for your prayers for this webinar please.

Click here to register.

Rev. Jill Marsh
District Mission Enabler
Northampton Methodist District
9, The Elms, Blaby, Leicestershire, LE8 4EJ
07745 020597

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