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Donna talks about the lockdown: "So what are you doing during this time to keep yourself active, healthy and spiritually fed? For me, prayer has been an important aspect of this time. I keep a Bible Journal and have been writing, drawing and discovering more creative ways to pray. Yesterday I discovered this YouTube video, which invites us to create a prayer banner made up of smaller panels which are then sewed together to create one large piece. How wonderful! How lovely would it be to have prayers from across the circuit coming together to form one piece as a symbol of this time, a piece full of prayers and hope in a God who loves us. Click here to see the 16 minute video.

The idea is that we make a 12"x12" square panel (make sure you leave a border to enable us to sew them together). Using materials — old bedding even, and embellishments. Sew and pray — take your time, this is a prayerful act

Once you have finished please send these to me — 103 High Street South, Stewkley, LU7 0HU or hold on to them until we can meet again. Then once lockdown is over I will ask for a team of helpers to help sew the panels together to create one large piece. Wouldn't it be lovely for to then use this in a special circuit service when this is over? If you have any questions please do give me a call — Telephone 01525 240589 or email:

I cant wait to see what you have created! Please do pass this on to people who aren't on email, mention it as you phone them, it would be lovely to have as many people as possible involved in this.

Sending encouragement as you create and pray, With love, Donna"

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