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Father God, You are always present with us and always ready to help us in our need. So we turn to You with our prayers at this time of global threat. We pray for:

  • those mourning the death of a loved one
  • those struggling with the Covid 19 infection those who have no internet and so are more isolated than most
  • those who have no-one to keep an eye on them those who rely on food banks
  • doctors and nurses working exhausting shifts in crowded hospitals
  • scientists determined to create a vaccine
  • parents struggling to home-school their children while working at the same time
  • those who have lost their job and are wondering how they will manage
  • those who are already dipping into their savings
  • those who have no savings but scrape by day by day
  • governments around the world, trying to find social and financial solutions
  • and those who still see no need to follow governmental guidelines or who abuse the situation.

    We give You thanks for all those who are going out of their way to help others. We thank You for the potential of the internet and social media in helping us to stay in touch and cheer each other on.

    O Father God, may this period of national and global slowdown and soul-searching ultimately bring healing — and not only an end to Covid 19 but a healing of Your world through new ways of living and caring for each other. So may great good be born out of this experience. Hear our prayer, sovereign and gracious God, You who are the source of all help and strength. Amen.

    Lois Powell is a former member at Aylesbury and now lives in Upholland. We thank her for her prayer.

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