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As the period of Lent begins next Wednesday, February 26th, Richard shares some thoughts on the subject... " Traditionally, this season of fasting is seen as a time to give things up...Lent, a proper fast, I think, is about doing — taking something up to aid the spiritual dimension. This can be a host of things, from the obviously religious like Bible study and prayer through to a decision to do something in the community as a way of expressing your faith. Some take pilgrimages, walking round neighbouring streets and praying as they go, while others seek one of the many Lenten study guides to help add focus. Others simply spend time with the journey Jesus made, from the temptations to the crucifixion. I have been known to take time to really listen to a piece of music each day. This could be your favourite Christian acts or, as I have been known to do, listen to instrumental pieces and allow your imagination to draw you towards God. I have even known folk who have used Lent as a time to express their love to family and friends as a means of helping them remember the ways we are blessed by God.
So, my question is, what difference is Lent going to make? The hope surely is that something of our fast continues as we journey through Easter into the year beyond. That Lent should make a difference to an ongoing pilgrimage. As our Lord reveals his solidarity with our human condition, here is our opportunity to walk with him in some way in the hope of drawing closer.

For Richard's full article from LINK magazine, click here.

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