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The Star shone brightly
Not only giving light,
But was a map, a compass
For those who knew,
That its true purpose was
To show the way.

The Christ child was ordained
To be born to Mary and Joseph.
To grow up poor, and then
After doing His Fathers work.
He would be Crucified as Gods Son.
Who could believe this !

In those times the Magi
Followed the star and it led
Them to Bethlehem.
To a place where animals were kept.
As there was no room anywhere
the holy child lay in a manger.

Shepherds watching their sheep
Were told by an Angel
To "Fear Not" and to follow the star.
This they did to Bethlehem.
Then gave the child a lambkin,
born on the long Journey.

The Three Wise men — Magi.
Had brought gifts, fit for a King.
Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.
Gold for a Crown and
Frankincense and Myrrh
For His life and eventual death.

We give presents to symbolise
Gifts given so long ago.
Even if that has lost its meaning
over the passage of time.
The COVID-19 changing the world
Is making things mean so much more.
So, in view of these changes,
Perhaps we can have
A Different Christmas.
Instead of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold
Give each other Peace, Love and Kindness.
In the name Of Jesus Christ.

© 2020 Babs

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